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I Wanna Polka

Blue Ribbon Winner
2012 Richmond County Fair
Warsaw, VA

Jennifer Donald I Wanna Polka street musician Virginia fine art

"I Wanna Polka"
© 2012 Jennifer Donald
16" x 20" acrylic on canvas
Original Available: $320.00

We have a fictitious character in our Ukrainian family - Stashu Ipondrovich. Actually, my Dad  made him up and Stashu got the blame for every completely ridiculous thing any one of us did. "Nice going, Stashu", or "That is so Stashu", or even, "You look so Stashu!", which was a good indication that you needed to put something different on.

Poor Stashu, but he had to be a colorful character and happy to just "be". When I saw the reference photo by Donna Sommer, "Street Music", I immediately imagined the old man as Stashu in human form and every time I look at this, he makes me smile.

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I remember when I was very young, maybe 4 at the time, Mom and Grandma took me downtown Detroit for the Ukrainian Folk Festival along the Detroit River. Since I was so small, my strongest visual memory is of the red boots, but I can still hear the Polka music.