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Photos from my customers of their purchases and how they display their new art.
Jersey, UK

Boston, MA

From  Collectors:

Hi Jennifer! I am currently working on the interior furnishings for a local  restaurant and we love your pieces.

- Bridgette Boylan Interiors, Inc. Norcross, GA

 Hi Jennifer - Oh gosh - I don't know what to say to you -
 I LOVE the tile of the silos - I grew up on a farm on the
Eastern Shore so they also have a meaning to me like
your friend who fished with her father in the Northern Neck. 
So neat - I have a very good friend who lives in the Northern
 Neck, she was at the festival too, she was in the next
booth when I was purchasing the tiles from you - I love
visiting her in the Northern Neck such a quaint place -
she lives in White Stone, VA - so I thank you so very
much for your kindness - as I said to you, I like to line my
small tiles on a ledge above my sink so I can reminisce
with them.  I LOVE the saying you have at the end of your
website about sitting quietly, etc.  My downfall is collecting
paintings, mostly scenery, but other things too - but you
are absolutely correct because I can sit in my living room
and look around the walls and just go to those places the
pictures take me.  I love it -

Dear Jen, bought two of your prints today.
The Fountain ("Order Up") and
Lee's Barber Shop
 ("Shave and a Haircut").
Love them.
Every time I look at them I break out in a
good case of nostalgia. They keep me smiling.
Thank you.

-Alice P.

I love my coasters!! Thank you so much for
delivering them and visiting for a few!!

- Dawn H.

I just love my painting and can't wait to go looking for a frame!

- Cindy F.

I have it!!! It's beautiful! TOTALLY worth the wait! Thank youuu

- Pennie B.
                                                 Amelia, VA

                                                 Stevens Point, WI

Ontario, Canada

From a fan: 

I spent some time wonderfully immersed in
some of your art history here. After discovering
your ability to touch those warm places deep within us,
I consider myself a front row fan.
Your ability to present a sense of depth
 and dimensionality is up front and persuasive in
pulling us into the scene. It works well in staging
the viewer’s eye to continue to explore
I really enjoy your sense of color
required for a particular scene. From the deepest
shadows to the spectacular highlights,
you create a continuity that effectively carries
the mood of each piece - and then to the next.

 - Marc. K.

 From a fellow artist:
This is really well done. Excellent detail..
 Your story echoes a lot of mine.
I remember my grandma's fresh baked yeast bread,
and my grandpa's honey
with the comb still in the jar.
They had cows, so no Twin Pines,
but thanks for the walk down Memory Lane,
it was great!