Wake Me Up

Jennifer Donald Wake Me Up Java Jacks coffee house Virginia restaurant
"Wake Me Up"

©2011 Jennifer Donald
22" x 28" acrylic on canvas.

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Mimi McComb, owner of Java Jacks
Coffee House in Tappahannock, VA has
commented several times that I had
painted many locations in and around
Tappahannock and asked me when I
was going to do Java Jacks.

I've taken pictures there a few
did some sketches, but
couldn't come up with the "right"
composition. I wanted something to
really capture the atmosphere
in Java Jacks; its warm and cozy.
You can still get the "big city" coffees,
lattes, mochaccinos, etc, but at Java
Jacks you want to slow down and
enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee.

Yesterday I took the painting to show Mimi. While we chatted with another artist, Mimi again gave me some good-natured teasing that I hadn't yet painted Java Jacks. The timing was perfect - as soon as she started I said, "Woman, you have no patience whatsoever!" and showed her the painting. Mimi's reaction was priceless! Her jaw dropped and she exclaimed, "Well shut my mouth!"